As the name suggests, Winter Tyres are designed for the coldest months, with superior grip with snow and ice, and better handling on colder surfaces.

Winter Tyres’ tread pattern, flexibility and rubber compounds are all designed to keep you safe throughout the winter months.

You can spot a Winter Tyre by its Snowflake symbol – only dedicated Winter Tyres are awarded this icon and must meet stringent standards in order to qualify.

Despite having fairly mild winters in comparison to other countries, you may be surprised to learn that any British driver would benefit from Winter Tyres. Tyre Spot recommend Winter Tyres for any vehicle driving in 7°C or less.

Winter Tyres aren’t just for snow or ice – when the temperature drops to 7°C or lower, this affects the road’s surface, making it harder and providing less grip than your used to.

Winter Tyres can be fitted to any vehicle. While we highly recommend them for vehicles with a high yearly mileage and for specialist vehicles, we also advise that every driver considers Winter Tyres. They provide extra peace of mind and a safer, more comfortable journey through the most hazardous season to drive in.

If the temperature rises above 7°C, Winter Tyres are still perfectly safe to drive in. However, when the summer months begin to creep in, we recommend switching to a summer or all season tyre, and storing your Winter Tyres safely until the seasons change.

Winter Tyres offer better grip and handling on icy or snowy roads, naturally making them a safer choice in winter. Winter Tyres also provide a more comfortable and easier journey – which will be well appreciated on dark, dreary winter days.

If you live in an area that is prone to snow and ice, you may find Winter Tyres to be a solid investment when the temperatures drop.

Stag Tyres offer Winter Tyres in premium, quality and budget brands – so we can find a Winter Tyre to suit your price point.