Need tyres for your caravan or motorhome? Come to Stag Tyres.

Choosing the right tyres for your caravan is crucial for making sure you get to your destination safely. Whether you’re camping in the Lakes, visiting friends of family or driving across Europe – checking your tyres is a must before you set off.

Caravan tyres don’t get as much use as the tyres on our everyday vehicle, so they don’t experience as much wear and tear. However, caravans that stand for long periods of time can apply pressure to the tyre’s structure, causing flat spots to form on the tyre. Not only that, but tyres can get old and lose their integrity over time, which is why we recommend you change your caravan tyres once they are six years old.

Depending on the size of your caravan, you may need van or car tyres. If your caravan is new, It will already be fitted with the ideal tyres for your make and model. If you aren’t sure which tyres to get, don’t worry, Stag Tyres can point you in the right direction.

Yes! We’re more than happy to check your tyres for free and help keep you safe on the roads. Simply pop into your local Stag Tyres and one of our expert technicians will be more than happy to help.

If the tyres are damaged, have low tread depth or are six years old. If you aren’t sure if your tyres need replacing, you can always visit your local Stag Tyres, and we’ll take a look.

Before you venture out in your caravan or motorhome, Stag Tyres recommend you check:

  • Your tyre’s inflation pressure
  • If the tyres have any cracks or damage
  • Tread depth – the legal minimum is 1.6mm
  • Flat spots – your tyres may have flat spots if your caravan has been left standing for a long period of time. This can cause punctures.
  • Your spare wheel. Stag Tyres recommend you always keep a spare wheel available for your caravan. Remember, not all caravans have spare wheels as standard.