air conditioning

Here at Stag Tyres, we offer both an Air Conditioning Recharge and an Air Conditioning Clean.

ensuring your Air Conditioning is working at its very best.

Air Conditioning is no longer a luxury addition to a car – it’s now fitted as standard due to its many benefits to a driver. You may be surprised to learn that Air Conditioning does more than keep the air cold.

Alongside giving you a cooler, more comfortable drive in the summer, Air Conditioning can improve your journey all year round. Air Conditioning is an efficient demister and will help clear your windshield of mist in all seasons.

It also keeps the air fresh and clean, preventing drowsiness and making your time in your car more pleasant. By using your Air Conditioning instead of opening windows, you’re keeping your car’s aerodynamics at an optimal level and therefore saving on fuel.

Like any part of your vehicle, your Air Conditioning needs to be checked and serviced regularly. Warm Air Conditioning, bad smells and misted windscreens are all signs that your Air Conditioning needs a recharge.

At Stag Tyres, we can carry out a FREE Air Conditioning check, to ensure your Air Conditioning is working efficiently. Your car may need an Air Conditioning recharge or clean – we can provide both an R1343A recharge and a R1234YF recharge.